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 Příští přednáška

pondělí, 19. června 2017, od 10:00, konferenční sál B

Additive Manufacturing of metals: Past, today and tomorrow


Dr. Edson Costa Santos

SENAI Innovation institute in Laser Processing, Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazílie


Osnova přednášky:
The lecture will be addressed the following topics in Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metals:

· Draw some observations from various attitudes to AM world-wide.
· Review shortly various additive manufacturing technologies, their virtues and drawbacks.
· Address cases, in which additive can/cannot replace conventional manufacturing - problems with distortions, variability in micro-structure and consequences, etc.
· Comparison of additive and conventional micro-structures and their impact on macro-mechanical properties: strength, fragility, fatigue, impact resistance, etc.
· Use of additive manufacturing for meta-materials (auxetic and other) for the purposes of "energy absorption or distribution" and "mechanical strength with low weight".
· Additive manufacturing process certification and/or serial production of components - competitiveness in terms of both function and price.
· Design of components for Additive Manufacturing - material only there "where needed" and the related development of software (e.g. topology optimization).
· Future of AM - visions and expectations.
· Describe and introduce FIESC - SENAI focus in AM.

Dr. Edson Costa Santos spent more than a decade in various laboratories related to Additive Manufacturing in Europe, South America and Japan. In the presentation, it will be drawn from his experience, and present a view of current AM layout – technologies, directions and main leaders.

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