2023 Institute-Wide Seminar (June 2, 2023)

HR Award logoOur 2nd institute-wide seminar was held in the lecture hall and included presentations from 5 scientific departments and the director’s report on the state of our institute.


9.00 Welcome
9.10-9.30 Director’s report on the state of the Institute
M. Chomát: Report on the State of the Institute
9.30-9.55 Department D1
K. Jurčáková: Spatial and temporal representation of coherent structures in turbulent boundary layers
9.55-10.20 Department D6
J. Šonský: Introduction
T. Němec: Laboratory of Hydrogen Technologies
10.20-10.45 Department D2
Z. Trávníček: Biomimetic jet flows and recent progress in the Laboratory of Heat and Mass Transfer
10.45-11.00 Break
11.00-11.25 Department D3
V. Radolf: Biomechanics of human voice
11:25-11:50 Department D5:
H. Seiner: FERRMION – Ferroic Multifunctionalities
M. Frost: Mechanics of NiTi shape memory alloys – recent advancements in modelling in our department
11.50-12.15 Discussion
12.15 Close