Ing. Jiří Plešek, CSc.

Phone +420 266 053 213 E-mail Room M2305A Department Sekretariát ředitele ústavu Position Director of the Institute Research area - continuum mechanics, constitutive models
- computational mechanics, FEM, transient and shock dynamics, nonlinear problems
Curriculum vitae
since 2013 Director of the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, v. v. i.
2007 Deputy Director of the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, v. v. i.
2003–2007 Head of Dept. D4 - Impact and Waves in Solids
1999–2000 Institute of Physics AS CR, Prague, part-time employment
1997 research scientist, Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR
1993–1997 structural engineer, VAMET Ltd., BIC CTU Prague
1992 Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, part-time employment
1992 CSc. (equivalent of Ph.D.) – Modelling of thermo-elasto-plastic behaviour of materials and application in FEM
1984-1993 researcher, SVUSS, Prague – Bechovice
1984 Dipl.-Ing. in Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Organizational activities and memberships in scientific societies
Selected publications
KROUPA, F., PLEŠEK, J.: Nonlinear elastic behavior in compression of thermally sprayed materials. Mat. Sci. Engn. A328, pp. 1-7, 2002.

LANDA, M., PLEŠEK, J.: Contrast enhancement of ultrasonic imaging of internal stresses in materials. Ultrasonics, 40, (1-8), pp. 531-535, 2002.

PLEŠEK, J., KOROUŠ, J.: Explicit integration method with time step control for viscoplasticity and creep. Adv. Engng. Software, 33, (7-10), pp. 621-630, 2002.

PLEŠEK, J., KOLMAN, R., LANDA, M.: Using finite element method for the determination of elastic moduli by resonant ultrasound spectroscopy. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 116, No. 1, pp. 282-287, 2004.

GABRIEL, D., PLEŠEK, J., ULBIN, M.: Symmetry preserving algorithm for large displacement frictionless contact by the pre-discretization penalty method. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng., 61, No. 15, pp. 2615-2638, 2004.

HLAVÁČEK, I., PLEŠEK, J. GABRIEL, D.: Validation and sensitivity study of an elastoplastic problem using the Worst Scenario Method. Comp. Meth. Appl. Mech. Eng., 195, pp. 763-774, 2006.

HIRSCH, E., PLEŠEK, J.: A theoretical analysis of experimental results of shock wave loading of OFE copper relating the observed internal structure to the deformation mechanism. Int. J. Impact Engng., 32, No. 8, pp. 1339-1356, 2006.

PLEŠEK, J., KRUISOVÁ, A.: Formulation, validation and numerical procedures for Hencky's elasticity model. Comput. Struct., 84, pp. 1141-1150, 2006.

PLEŠEK, J., FEIGENBAUM, H.P., DAFALIAS, Y.F.: Convexity of yield surfaces with directional distortional hardening. ASCE J. Eng. Mech., 136, No. 4, pp. 477-484, 2010.

GABRIEL, D., PLESEK, J., KOLMAN, R., VALES, F.. Dispersion of elastic waves in the contact-impact problem of a long cylinder. J. Comp. Appl. Math., 234, pp. 1930-1936, 2010.

FEIGENBAUM, H.P. DUGDALE, J., DAFALIAS, Y.F., KOUROUSIS, K.I., PLEŠEK, J.: Application of directional distortional hardening to multiaxial ratcheting. Int. J. Sol. Struct., 49, pp. 3063-3076, 2012.

KOLMAN, R., PLEŠEK, J., OKROUHLÍK, M., GABRIEL, D.: Grid dispersion analysis of plane square biquadratic serendipity finite elements in transient elastodynamics. Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engrg., 96, No.1, pp.1-28, 2013.

ČERV, J., PLEŠEK, J.: Implicit and explicit secular equations for Rayleigh waves in two-dimensional anisotropic media. J. Wave Motion, 50, pp1105-1117, 2013.

KOLMAN, R., PLEŠEK, J., OKROUHLÍK, M.: Complex wavenumber Fourier analysis of the B-spline based finite element method. J. Wave Motion, 51, No. 2, pp. 348–359, 2014.
2017-2019 17-12925SPevnost materiálů a strojních součástí na bázi železa. Víceškálový přístup
2015-2017 15-20666SAdvanced phenomenological models of plasticity and their application to life assesment of machine components
2014-2016 LH - KONTAKT IIVývoj, validace a implementace modelů plasticity kovů s kinematickým a směrovým zpevněním
2010-2012 ME10024Vývoj konstitutivních modelů plasticity ve výpočtové mechanice
2009-2013 GA101/09/1630Numerical solution to steady-state and transient wave dispersion in mechanical systems on different scales
2006-2008 GA101/06/0914Computational finite elasto-plasticity and its application in metal forming processes
2006-2009 IAA100100637Real-space pseudopotencial finite-element method for electronic structure and total energy calculation of non-periodic systems
2003-2005 GA101/03/0331Simulations of fatique crack propagation under complex service conditions
1999-2001 GA101/99/0834Metoda konečných prvků v nelineární mechanice kontinua a aplikace v problémech šíření trhlin
Continuum Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

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