Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics

Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics
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Papers presented in proceedings

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Šimurda D., Bodnár T.: Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2017, Prague, 2017, 360 pages, ISBN 978-80-87012-61-1, ISSN 2336-5781
001H. Al Baba, M. Caggio, B. Ducomet, Š. Nečasová:
Note on the Problem of Dissipative Measure-Valued Solutions to the Compressible Non-Newtonian System
002M. Balázsová, M. Feistauer, P. Sváček, J. Horáček:
Incompressible and Compressible Viscous Flow with Low Mach Numbers
003V. Barraclough, J. Novotný, P. Šafařík:
Experimental Investigation of 3D Vortex Structures in Wake of Hyperboloid-Shaped Model
004M Benaissa, I.H. Ibrahim, T.H. New, W.H. Ho:
Effect of Leading Edge Protuberance on Thrust Production of a Dynamically Pitching Aerofoil
005F. Benkhaldoun, T. Ghoudi:
A Posteriori Error Estimates and Coupling of Adaptive Strategies for a Diffusion Problem
006T. Benmalek, F. Souidi, B. Yssaad:
Mixed Convection Heat Transfer for Bingham Fluid in Square Cavity With Partitions
007T. Bodnár, Ph. Fraunié:
On the Boundary Conditions in the Numerical Simulation of Stably Stratified Fluids Flows
008M. Boubekeur, F. Benkhaldoun:
GPU Implementation of Multi-Layered Shallow Water Model in TWO Dimension
009M. Caggio, T. Bodnár:
Note on the Use of Camassa-Holm Equations for Simulation of Incompressible Fluid Turbulence
010Y.D. Chashechkin:
Differential Fluid Mechanics: Instrument for Consistent Analytical, and Laboratory Studies of Flows
011Y.D. Chashechkin, N.F. Dimitrieva:
The Evolution of the Stratified Flow Structure Around a Wedge with Increasing Velocity of Motion
012Yuli D. Chashechkin, Ia. Zagumennyi:
Stratified Flow Fine Structure Around a Sloping Plate
013S. Dörsam, E. Friedmann, J. Stein:
Modeling and Simulations of Drug Distribution in the Human Vitreous
014D. Duda, M. La Mantia, L. Skrbek:
Visualization of Large-Scale Flow Due to an Oscillating Tuning Fork in Normal and Superfluid Helium
015J. Dumek, P. Šafařík:
Aerodynamic Experimental Tests of Forces and Torques Acting on the Volleybal
016E. Friedmann , Y. Kim , Y. Ri:
Drag Evaluations on Rough Surfaces from Near-Wall Models
017J. Fürst, J. Příhoda:
Numerical Simulation of Laminar-Turbulent Transition in Accelerated Flows
018C. Galusinski, C. Mazoyer, S. Meradji , A. Molcard , Y. Ourmieres:
Inlet and Outlet Open Boundary Conditions for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
019E. Gouzien, N. Lahaye, V. Zeitlin, Th. Dubos:
Instabilities of Vortices and Jets in Thermal Rotating Shallow Water Model
020Y. Hamnoune, F. Yahi, A. Bouabdallah:
Occurrence of Taylor-Dean Instability in Flow Between Horizontal Coaxial Rotating Cones
021W.H. Ho, T.H. New, E. Matare:
Unsteady CFD Analysis of an Oscillating Aerofoil Inspired by Dragonfly Wings
022T. Hyhlík:
Evaluation of Supersaurated Moist Air State Based on Enthalpy and Pressure
023M. Isoz:
CFD Study of Gas Flow Through Structured Separation Columns Packings Mellapak 250.X and Mellapak 250.Y
024R. Kellnerová, K. Jurčáková, Z. Jaňour:
Impact of Turbulence Generators on Turbulent Characteristics and Structures
025A. Lalaoua, F. Naït Bouda, A. Merah:
Stability of a Conducting Fluid Contained Between Two Rotating Spheres Subjected to a Dipolar Magnetic Field
026L. Liu, L. Yang, X. Liu, S. Liu:
Nonlinear Instability Analysis of Power-Law Sheets
027P. Louda, J. Příhoda, K. Kozel:
Transition Modelling on Separated Flow in Turbine Cascade
028M. Mahloul, A. Mahamdia, M. Kristiawan:
Experimental Investigations of the Spherical Taylor-Couette Flow Using Electrodiffusion Technique
029A. Merah, F. Mokhtari, R. Klaiaia, A. Hamrani, A. Lalaoua:
A Numerical Investigation of the Flow Pattern Between Finite-Length Conical Cylinders
030T. Neustupa:
A Nonlinear Boundary Condition for the Radial Blade Machine
031V. Olkhovskiy, E. Friedmann:
Development and Simulation of the Aqueous Humor Flow in the Anterior Chamber
032K. Pons, F. Golay, R. Marcer:
Adaptive Mesh Refinement Method Applied to Shallow Water Model: A Mass Conservative Projection
033J. M. Redondo, A. Carrillo, M. Diez, J. Jorge, E. Sekula:
Enviromental Patterns and Intermittent Cascades
034P. Straka, J. Příhoda, D. Fenderl:
Simulation of Transonic Flow Through a Mid-Span Turbine Blade Cascade with the Separation-Induced Transition
035S. Strijhak, J.M. Redondo, J. Tellez:
Multifractal Analysis of a Wake for a Single Wind Turbine
036V. Štorch, M. Brada, J. Nožička:
Experimental Setup for Measurement of Contra-Rotating Propellers
037P. Švančara, M. La Mantia:
Particle Dynamics in 4He Flows Due to Oscillating Grids
038J. Valášek, M. Kaltenbacher, P. Sváček:
The Application of Lighthill Analogy on the Numerical Simulation of Human Phonation
039W. Varnhorn:
Approximate Approximations for 3-D Stokes Flow
040O. Winter, T. Bodnár:
Simulations of Viscoelastic Fluids Flows Using a Modified Log-Conformation Reformulation
041F. Yahi, A. Bouabdallah, F. Rousset, D. Henry, T. Adachi, V. Botton, Y. Hamnoune:
Theoretical Approach of the Mean Hydrodynamic Field in the Conical Taylor- Couette Flow
042M. Zedníková, J. Vejražka, P. Stanovský:
Model for a Fluid Particle Breakup in a Turbulent Flow
043T. Zemach:
Bidisperse Particle-Driven Gravity Currents in Power-Law Cross-Section Channels
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