Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics

Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics
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Papers presented in proceedings

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Simurda D., Bodnar, T.: Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2015, Prague, 2015, 288pages, ISBN 978-80-87012-55-0, ISSN 2336-5781
001Adnane E., Lalaoua A., Bouabdallah A.:
An Experimental Study of the Laminar-Turbulent Transition in a Tilted Taylor-Couette System Subject to Free Surface Effect
002Bodnár T., Fraunié P.:
Numerical Study of Stratification Effects on Local Wind Flow and Pollution Dispersion
003Bourabaa A., Saighi M., Salhi K., Hamidat A., Moundji M. M.:
One-Dimensional Temperature Distribution of Condensing Annular Fins of Different Profiles
004Cézová E., Gulíková E.:
Statistical Analysis of Meteorological Data
005Chashechkin Y.D.:
Dynamics and Structure of Fluid Flows: Observations and Calculations
006Deuring P., Eymard E.:
Stability of Finite Element - Finite Volume Discretizations of Convection -Diffusion - Reaction Equations
007Ducomet B., Nečasová Š.:
On the Problem of Singular Limits in a Model of Radiative Flow
008Feireisl E., Namlyeyeva Y., Nečasová Š.:
Some Notes About the Homogenization Problem for the Navier-Stokes Equations
009Fürst J., Islam M., Příhoda J., Wood D.:
Towards Pressure Gradient Sensitive Transitional k-kL-ω Model: The Natural Transition for Low Re Airfoils
010Hyhlík T.:
Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Synthetic Jet Flow at Re = 329 and S = 19.7
011Isoz M.:
Spreading Rivulet with Decrease in Flow Rate Induced by Dissipation in Underlying Wetting Film
012Keslerová R., Kozel K.:
Numerical Simulation of Viscous and Viscoelastic Fluids Flow
013Kharchi R., Imessad K.:
Passive Cooling of Housing by Natural Ventilation
014Kožíšek M., Martinez J., Fürst J., Příhoda J., Doerffer P.:
Implementation of k-kL-ω Turbulence Model for Compressible Transitional Flow into OpenFoam
015Lakhlili J., Galusinski C., Golay F.:
Discrete Duality Finite Volume Applied to Soil Erosion
016Lalaoua A.:
Effect of a Pulsating Radial Motion of the Outer Cylinder on the Onset of Taylor Vortices in Finite - Length Geometry
017Lecheheb S., Bouabdallah A., Tigrine Z., Yahi F.:
Influence of the Angular Effect on the Heat Transfer Process in Graëtz Heat Exchanger
018Mahloul M., Mahamdia A., Sobolik V.:
Transition to Turbulence and Relaminarization Phenomena in the Flow Between Two Rotating Spheres
019Makhoul M., Beltrame P., Joelson M.:
Particle Drag Force in a Periodic Channel: Wall Effects
020Merah A., Mokhtari F., Bouabdallah A., Adnane M.:
3D Numerical Study of Magnetohydrodynamic Instability in Liquid Metal Taylor-Couette Flow
021Nový A., Šafařík P., Jícha D., Hajšman M.:
On Evaluation of Steam Flow Parameters from Experimental or Numerical Data Distribution on Traverse Plane
022Pawłowska A., Obała N.:
The Influence of Nozzle Contraction Upon the Near Flow Field for Axisymmetric Free Jet
023Prevenslik T.:
The Bernoulli Equation in Nanochannels
024Sváček P., Horáček J.:
On Application of Finite Element Method for Approximation of 3D Flow Problems
025Šidlof P.:
Large Eddy Simulation of Airflow in Human Vocal Folds
026Šístek J.:
A Parallel Finite Element Solver for Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
027Tesař V.:
Mechanically Modulated Nozzles
028Tesař V., Šonský J.:
Plasma-Discharge Control in Fluidics
029Uruba V.:
(An)Isotropy Analysis of Turbulence
030Valášek J., Horáček J., Sváček P.:
On Numerical Approximation of Uid-Structure Interactions for Interaction of Air Flow with a Model of Vocal Folds
031Varnhorn W.:
Time Delay and Lagrangian Differences for Viscous Incompressible Fluid Flow
032Wróblewska-Kamińska A.:
Non-Newtonian Fluids with Nonstandard Rheology - Existence of Solutions
033Yahi F., Hamnoune Y., Lecheheb S., Bouabdallah A.:
Experimental Investigation of the Free Surface Effect on the Conical Taylor -Couette Flow System
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