Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics

Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics
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Papers presented in proceedings

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Šimurda D., Bodnár T.: Topical Problems of Fluid Mechanics 2016, Prague, 2016, 254 pages, ISBN 978-80-87012-58-1, ISSN 2336-5781
001Altazin T., Golay F., Fraunié P.:
A 3D Unified Model to Fluid-Structure Interaction with Block-Based Adaptive Mesh Refinement
002Baumert H. Z., Wessling B.:
Turbulent Mixing in Non-Newtonian Dispersions
003Bodnár T., Fraunié P.:
Numerical Simulation of the Wake Structure Behind Three-Dimensional Hill under Stable Stratification
004Chashechkin Y. D., Dimitrieva N. F.:
Dynamics and Structure of Stratified Flows Around Wedge: from Diffusion Induced up to Transient Vortex Regime
005Chashechkin Y. D., Zagumennyi I. V.:
2D Fluid Flow Around a Plate: Consistent Analytical, Numerical and Laboratory Investigations
006Fialka M., Charvátová H.:
A Diffusion Model of Bath Washing Extraction of a Porous Material and an Evaluation of Its Conformity with the Real Process
007Furmánek P., Redondo J. M., Carrillo A., Tellez J., Arellano R., Sanchez M. A.:
Experiments and Simulations of Maximal Sculling Propulsion: Vorticity Impulse in Human Biomechanics
008Galusinski C.:
Problematic of Incompressible Bifluid Navier-Stokes Equations Approached on Non Body Fitted Meshes
009Hric V., Halama J.:
Performance of Simple Condensation Model in High-Pressures
010Hyhlík T.:
Discussion of Extremal Principles for Turbulent Flow Based on Hypothesis of Maximum Entropy Production
011Isoz M.:
Modeling Gravity-Driven Rivulet on a Monotonically Varying Incline
012Jiss J. S., Sandeep E. J., Reji R.V., Suryan A., Kim H. D.:
Study of Hypersonic Flow Past Spiked Blunt Body Using Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method
013Jonáš P.:
Preliminary Study on Correlation Between the Shape Parameter and the Skin Friction Coefficient in Transitional Zero Pressure Gradient Boundary Layer
014Kouba J., Novotný J., Nožička J.:
Design of Combustion Chamber for Flame Front Visualisation and First Numerical Simulation
015Kožíšek M., Fürst J., Příhoda J.:
Modeling of the Laminar/Turbulent Transition on a Heated Flat Plate Using the k-kL-w Model
016Lalaoua A., Chaieb Z.:
Flow Patterns in a Combined Taylor-Couette Geometry
017Lohrasbi A., Lavaei A., Lohrasbi K. Shahlaei M.:
Model of Flow Over Rippled Bed Using Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Approach with Mapping Technique
018Meradji S., Accary G., Morvan D., Bessonov O., Fougére D.:
Numerical Simulation of Grassland-Fires Behavior Using Firestar 3D Model
019Morishita E.:
Biplane Aerodynamics Revisited
020Neustupa T.:
On the Existence of a Weak Solution of a Steady Flow of a Heat Conductive Incompressible Fluid Through a Cascade of Profiles
021Pátý M., Halama J.:
Simulation of Transonic Flow with a Non-Equilibrium Phase Change
022Redondo J. M., Tellez J. D., Sanchez M. A., Lopez Gonzalez-Nieto P.:
Mixing in Convective Thermal Fluxes in Unsteady Non-Homogeneous Flows Generating Complex Three Dimensional Vorticity Patterns
023Redondo J. M., Vila T., Tellez J., Gonzalez-Nieto P. L., Sanchez M. A:
Richtmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor Fractal Mixing
024Reihany O., Reza-Zadeh N.:
Two-Dimensional Modeling of Particle Trajectory in Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) Fluid Using Finite Elements
025Riabinin A., Suleymanov A.:
Bifurcation of Transonic Flow in a Channel with a Central Bod
026Riahi Khalloufi M., Houcine H., Fraunie P., Chashechkin Y. D., Gharbi A.:
Numerical Analysis of Large Scale Stratified Flows Around an Horizontal Strip
027Rostami M., Zeitlin V.:
Influence of Moist Convection and Precipitation upon Developing Barotropic Instability of Vortices in the Moist-Convective Rotating Shallow Water Model
028Straka P., Příhoda J., Bobčík M.:
Simulation of Compressible Flow Through the Tip-Section Turbine Blade Cascade with the Unsteady Interaction of the Shock Wave with Shear Layers
029Sváček P.:
On Verification of Numerical Solution of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
030Šidlof P., Riss Š., Vlček V.:
Evaluation of Interferograms of Unsteady Subsonic Airflow Past a Fluttering Airfoil
031Valášek J., Horáček J., Sváček P.:
On Influence of Vocal Fold Size to Frequencies of Induced Vibrations
032Varnhorn W.:
A Crank-Nicholson Method for Non-Stationary Stokes Flow
033Wilson J. T., Van Loon R., Moore J. E. Jr.:
Developing Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Models of the Lymphatic Valve
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