Ing. Tomáš Němec, Ph.D.

Position:  Deputy head of department
Department:  Department D 6 - Electrical Engineering and Electrophysics
Phone: (+420) 266053152
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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WoS Researcher ID: B-2433-2009


  • Ph.D. – Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU in Prague, Applied Natural Sciences programme (2006)
  • Ing. (MSc. equivalent) – Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU in Prague, Mathematical Engineering programme (2001)


  • Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR, v. v. i., Department of electrical engineering and electrophysics (since 2017)
  • New Technologies – Research centre UWB in Pilsen, Department of engineering of special materials (2011–2017)
  • Institute of Thermomechanics ASCR, v. v. i., Department of thermodynamics (2003–2017)
  • Soluziona, s.r.o. (2001–2002)

Research visits

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute (2019), Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories, Tchaj-wan, Development of fuel cell catalytic layers produced by spark discharge (3 months)
  • Univerzita Stuttgart (2012), Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamics, Německo, Theoretical research of ice nucleation in supercooled water droplets, projekt SFB Transregio 75 (3 months)
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2003), Chemical Sciences Division, USA, Binary nucleation in aqueous systems, Young Scientist IAPWS Project (6 months)

Community membership

  • HYTEP – Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform
  • EERA – SP2 Catalysts and Electrodes – JP on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
  • IAPWS – member of Physical Chemistry of Aqueous Systems (PCAS) working group
  • CZPWS – chairman of Czech Society for the Properties of Water and Steam (2018–2022)

Selected publications

  • Němec T.: Nucleation parameters of SPC/E and TIP4P/2005 water vapor measured in NPT molecular dynamics simulations, Journal of Molecular Modeling, 28, 174, 2022.
  • Němec T., Šonský J., Gruber J., Prado E., Kupčík J., Klementová M.: Platinum and platinum oxide nanoparticles generated by unipolar spark discharge. Journal of Aerosol Science, 141, 105502, 2019.
  • Němec T.: Critical analysis of the slope method for estimation of ice-water interfacial energy from ice nucleation experimental data (with reviews), arXiv:1503.02967v3 [cond-mat.mtrl-sci], 2018.
  • Němec T.: Homogeneous bubble nucleation in binary systems of liquid solvent and dissolved gas. Chemical Physics, 467, 26-37, 2016.
  • Němec T.: Scaled nucleation theory for bubble nucleation of lower alkanes. European Physical Journal E, 37 (11), 111, 2014.
  • Němec T.: Estimation of ice-water interfacial energy based on pressure-dependent formulation of classical nucleation theory. Chemical Physics Letters, 583, 64-68, 2013.
  • Němec T., Maršík F., Palmer D. A.: Binary nucleation of water and sodium chloride. Journal of Chemical Physics, 124 (4), 0445091-0445096, 2006.


2022–2024TM03000034Development of high performance extend ranger EV boat
2020–2022TM01000018Development of high-performance catalyst materials and high-durability metallic plates for intelligent automatic manufacturing of fuel cell stacks
2019–2021LTV19017Czech delegate in IAPWS Executive Committee
2010–2012GAP101/10/1819Mathematical modelling of nucleation and condensation processes
2007–2009KJB400760701Classical Multicomponent Nucleation Theory for Cavitation and Condensation