Department D 2 - Thermodynamics

Head:   Ing. Jan Hrubý, CSc.
Deputy head:   doc. Ing. Zdeněk Trávníček, CSc.
Secretariat:   Lenka Skalická

Video thumbnail D2Thermodynamics is the study of the conversion of heat energy into different forms of energy (and visa-versa) and its relation to macroscopic variables. Modern thermodynamics has a broad and interdisciplinary character and reaches out to various fields of physics, chemistry, biology, meteorology etc.

In our laboratories we study the thermophysical properties of interesting fluids such as new, eco-friendly refrigerants or ionic liquids, the changes of state of matter or phases of solid matter, such as nucleation in condensation and cavitation, synthetized and impinging pulsatile jets, blood circulation, flow in elastic blood vessels, thermodynamic aspects of chemical reactions in the human body and friction properties of joints and joint protheses. The results find application in power engineering, research of atmospheric aerosols, pump erosion prevention, microfluidics, cooling of small devices,  control of large flows using tiny efforts, biomechanics and medicine.





Dr. Ali
Ing. Zuzana Antošová,
Ing. Aleš Blahut,
Ing. David Celný
Ing. Miroslav Čenský,
Dr. Yogendrasasidhar
doc. Ing. Alexander Ivanovič Fedortchenko,
Ing. Jan Hrubý,
Ing. Jaroslav
Ing. Jozef Kordík,
MSc. Mykola Lukianov,
Ing. Tetiana
prof. Ing. František Maršík,
Melih Meric,
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Ing. Olga Prokopová,
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prof. Ing. Tomáš Roubíček,
Lenka Skalická
Ing. Petr Sladký
Dr. Ing. Monika Součková
Ing. Bohuslav Šmí
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Mgr. Lucie Veselá
Ing. Václav Vinš,
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