Information on occupational health and safety and fire protection training

Initial orientation of employees

New employees are briefed on occupational health and safety (OHS) and fire protection (FP) measures by their supervisor (usually the head of a department or unit). The employee shall be made aware of the following:

  • the premises of the workplace, access routes and access roads,
  • escape routes, possible locations and sources of danger,
  • fire watch contacts,
  • contacts for the fire alarm service,
  • contacts for trained medical personnel,
  • the obligation to observe safety signs, warning signals and instructions from responsible personnel,
  • the obligation to be present only in areas designated by senior staff,
  • not to handle equipment not intended for their work,
  • fire alarm directives (or other fire documentation) and fire fighting equipment,
  • prohibition of entering the workplace under the influence of alcohol and drugs,
  • no smoking outside designated areas (or no smoking in the entire premises),
  • the obligation to immediately notify the responsible employees of the occurrence of any work-related accident, accident and fire,
  • the obligation to take care of his/her own safety and that of all persons who are present in the workplace with his/her knowledge (in particular customers, contractors, etc.),
  • the risks identified in the workplace, including measures to minimise them,
  • the principles for the provision of personal protective equipment.

In addition, new employees are familiarised with the safe operation of equipment, tools and the use of personal protective equipment for the machinery and equipment they are to work with in the performance of their duties.

A record of the initial training shall be made and signed by the employee. The induction training form is available on the intranet or here.


Training of managers

Training of managers (heads of scientific departments and other units) shall be carried out at least once every 3 years. The dates of the training of the employee are based on the date of entry of the employee. The training is completed by a CIVOP e-learning test. The test is available in Czech and English. Information about the dates for completing the test and access to the test is provided by the Health & Safety Engineer to whom the employee will hand in the certificate of successful completion of the test.


Training of other staff

Other employees are trained at least once every 2 years. Training is carried out by the supervisor (i.e. heads of scientific departments and relevant units) and the trainee must sign the training attendance sheet. The training shall be completed by a written test, which shall be evaluated by the supervisor. The test is available in Czech and English. The completed tests and the attendance sheet shall be handed over by the supervisor to the Health & Safety Engineer.