doc. Ing. Zdeněk Trávníček, CSc.

Position:  Deputy head of department
Department:  Department D 2 - Thermodynamics
Phone: (+420) 266053302
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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WoS Researcher ID: G-7108-2014

Research area

  • Experimental fluid mechanics and heat/mass transfer.
  • Passive/active control of thermal/flow fields. Forced convective heat/mass transfer enhancement.
  • Impinging, pulsatile, and synthetic jets; wakes.

Education and Appointments

2014              Associate Professor "Non-isothermal wakes and impinging jets"
since 2008   Deputy Head of Department of Thermodynamics
since 2004   Head of Laboratory of Heat and Mass Transfer
since 1996   Institute of Thermomechanics, CAS
1994              CSc.-degree (equivalent to Ph.D.) "Coanda effect used for impinging drying"
1985-1995   SVÚSS Prague-Běchovice (National Research Institute for Machine Design) as research assistant,
then researcher, finally the head of Laboratory of Impingement Drying
1985             Ing. (equivalent to M.Sc.), Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Stays abroad
2000–2001 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA (5 months)
1998–1999 and 2002–2003 National Taiwan University, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Taiwan R.O.C. (2 years)
1990             ITTF, Institute of Technical Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
(2 months with Prof. E.P. Dyban)

More than 270 papers in various journals and conference proceedings, 53 of them are in "impacted journals";
44 research reports, and 8 Patent Certificates granted from USA (2), Taiwan R.O.C. (2) and CR (4).


More than 500 citations recorded by ISI Web of Knowledge (without self-citations).

Selected publications

Representative journal papers

  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Antošová, Impingement heat transfer to the synthetic jet issuing from a nozzle with an oscillating cross section. Int. J. Therm. Sci. 153 (2020) 106349.
  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, Characterization of impingement heat/mass transfer to the synthetic jet generated by a biomimetics actuator. J. Heat Transf. Trans. ASME 141 (2019) 042203-1–042203-9.
  • J. Kordík, Z. Trávníček, Integral quantities of axisymmetric synthetic jets evaluated from a direct jet thrust measurement. Flow Turbul. Combust. 103 (3) (2019) 827–844.
  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, A synthetic jet issuing from a bio-inspired actuator with an oscillating nozzle lip. J. Fluids Eng. Trans. ASME 140 (2018) 101104-1 – 101104-5.
  • Z. Trávníček, J. Kordík, Energetic efficiencies of synthetic jet actuators: Commentary of the article by Gil and Strzelczyk. Exp. Therm. Fluid Sci. 98 (2018) 121–123.
  • J. Kordík, Z. Trávníček, Optimal diameter of nozzles of synthetic jet actuators based on electrodynamic transducers. Exp. Therm. Fluid Sci. 86 (2017) 281–294.
  • J. Kordík, Z. Trávníček, V.Timchenko, N.A. Ismail, The predominant effect of stroke length on velocity profiles at the exit of axisymmetric synthetic jet actuators. Int. J. Heat Fluid Flow 66 (2017) 197–208.
  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, J. Kordík, T.Vít, Visualization of synthetic jet formation in air. J. Visual. 18 (2015) 595–609.
  • Z. Trávníček, T. Vít, Impingement heat/mass transfer to hybrid synthetic jets and other reversible pulsating jets. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran. 85 (2015) 473–487.
  • Z. Trávníček, A.–B. Wang, W.–Y. Tu, Laminar vortex shedding behind a cooled circular cylinder. Exp. Fluids 55 (2014), 1679.
  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, J. Kordík, Formation criterion for synthetic jets at high Stokes numbers. AIAA J. 50 (2012) 2012–2017.
  • Z. Trávníček, L. Němcová, J. Kordík, V. Tesař, V. Kopecký, Axisymmetric impinging jet excited by a synthetic jet system. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran. 55 (2012) 1279–1290.

Refereed papers in recent conference proceedings

  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, Experimental study of a biomimetic synthetic jet actuator. 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Vienna, Austria, EFMC12, Sept. 9–13, 2018.
  • Z. Broučková, Z. Trávníček, Natural convection from a pair of cylinders at controlled heating. In: World Conference Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, (ExHFT-9,Brazil-Iguazu Falls) OC 101, June 12-15, 2017, Iguazu Falls, Brazil.


  • Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, Method and device for cooling of cylinder-shaped bodies by a cooling fluid jet. Patent No. 306506, Jan. 4, 2017.
  • A.-B. Wang, Z. Trávníček, Y.-H. Wang, M.-C. Hsu, Double-acting device for generating of synthetic jets. US Patent, No. US 7527086 B2, May 5, 2009.
  • A-.B. Wang, Z. Trávníček, Y.-H. Wang, M.-C. Hsu, Double-acting device for generating of synthetic jets. Patent Certificate of Taiwan R.O.C. No. I 267 616, 2006/12/01, valid period 2006–2024.
  • A.-B.Wang, Z.Trávníček, C.-H.Lee, Y.-H.Wang, M.-C.Hsu, C.-K.Lee, A.I.Fedorchenko, Micromixer apparatus and method therefor. Patent Certificate of Taiwan R.O.C. No. I 249 431, 2006/02/21, valid period 2006–2025.


External lecturer of Experimental Fluid Mechanics (TU Liberec).
Supervisor of Ph.D. and M.Sc. students.


2016–2018GA16-16596SOptimization of pulsatile jet actuation in fluid mechanics
2014–201614-08888SControl of flow fields by means of fluid oscillation
2011–2013GCP101/11/J019Thermoacoustic prime mover
2009–2011GA101/09/1959Passive and active flow control in channels of centrifugal stage with forward curved blades
2008–2012IAA200760801Pulsatile jets for control of flow fields
2005–2009IAA200760504Temperature control of a bluff body wake
2005–2007GA101/05/2681Heat/mass transfer of impinging pulsatile jets controlled by large coherent structures