Ing. Luděk Pešek, CSc.

Position:  Head of department
Department:  Department D 3 - Dynamics and Vibration
Phone: (+420) 266053083, 266053892
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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Selected publications

Pešek L., Vaněk F., Balda M., Procházka P., Vaněk P., Cibulka J., Bula V.: Developement of Vibrodiagnostic System of Tram Wheel For Damage Analysis, Engineering MECHANICS, Vol. 15, 2008, No. 6, pp. 447–460.

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Půst L., Pešek L., Vaněk F., Cibulka J.: Laboratory Measurement of Stiffness and Damping of Rubber Element. Engineering Mechanics. 14, 1/2 (2007), pp. 13-22.

Horáček J., Veselý J., Pešek L., Vohradník M.:Fundamental dynamic characteristics of human skull : Part I - Experimental modal analysis and FE modelling of basic vibration properties. Engineering Mechanics 11 (2) (2004) 139-158.

Horáček J., Trnka J., Pešek L., Veselý E.: Fundamental dynamic characteristics of human skull : Part II - Measurement and FE modeling of stress wave propagation after impact loading. Engineering Mechanics 11 (3) (2004) 177-190.

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Pešek L., Veselý J. (1996): „The analytical-experimental eigen-sensitivity evaluation in vibrational diagnostics“, Engineering Mechanics, 3 (6), pp. 1-12, 1996.

Pešek L. (1995) “An exptension of the inverse sensitivity method to systems with repeated eigenvalues”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 182 (4), pp. 623-635.


2024–2026GA24-12144SInvestigation of 3D flow structures and their effects on aeroelastic stability of turbine-blade cascades using experiment and deep learning approach
2020–2022GA20-26779SStudy of dynamic stall flutter instabilities and their consequences in turbomachinery application by mathematical, numerical and experimental methods
2019–2021TF06000020Transfer of smart and innovated damping technology into the suppression of vibration and noise for railway resilience wheels and vehicle motor mounts
2016–2018GA16-04546SAero-elastic couplings and dynamic behaviour of rotational periodic bodies
2005–2007GA101/05/2669Dynamics and reliability of vibrodamping elements of thermo-visco-elastic materials
2002–2004GA101/02/0241Vibroacoustic Problems of Mechanical Systems with a Single Dissipation Layer