prof. Ing. František Maršík, DrSc. (Emeritus)

Department:  Department D 2 - Thermodynamics
Phone: (+420) 266053823
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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WoS Researcher ID: G-8395-2014

Prof. Ing. František Maršík, DrSc. was born on 17th October 1942 in Humpolec, Czech Republic.

1961 – 1967 Faculty of Nuclear and Technical Physics, Czech Technical University in Prague
1967 joined the Institute of Thermomechanics of the Czech Academy o Sciences (IT CAS)
1974 CSc., dissertation thesis on "The application of non-equilibrium thermodynamics methods to the compressible fluid flow past body"
1990 – 2003 Head of Dept. of Thermodynamics IT CAS
1991 DrSc., thesis on "The influence of dissipative processes on the stability of stress and velocit fields in solids and fluids"
1994 Assoc. Prof., habilitation thesis on "Fluid flow of heterogeneous mixtures with relaxation processes"
1999 – present Professor in Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics at Czech Technical University and Charles University in Prague
1992 – 2006 Member of the Scientific Board of the IT CAS
2011 – present Head of Department of Polymer technologies of New Technologies Research Centre, University of West Bohemia
since 2019 Researcher emeritus in the IT CAS

Stays abroad

Since 2008 Frequent visits to Technische Universität Stuttgart (close long-term collaboration, co-supervisor of Diploma and PhD students)
1989, 1992, 1993 MPI für Strömungsforchung, Göttingen, Germany (3 and 1 months, EU project 3 months)
1981, 1983 Université Libre de Bruxelles (Dept. of Prof. I. Prigogine), Belgium (1 and 2 months)
1971 Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer USSR in Minsk, Belarus (3 months)

Scientific societies

2005–2006 President of the IAPWS, member of the Czech Society of Biomechanics, 2010 elected to the World Council for Biomechanics, member of the Scientific Boards of two Czech Universities. Member of the scientific committees of many international conferences.

Professional interest

The irreversible thermodynamics and its applications to the problems of the phase transition kinetics, thermo-hydrodynamic stability of fluids and Hydrogen fuel cells. In the years 1975 to 1992 he was involved in the fluid flow analysis of the steam turbine blades of the company SKODA POWER. Besides this problem, he is well interested in the bio-thermodynamics, especially in the muscle energetic, bone remodelling, cartilage cultivation and in the hemodynamics of the human cardiovascular system.


  • 2022: Z. P. Bazant Prize for Engineering Mechanics awarded by the Czech Society for Mechanics
  • 2017: Honorary Medal of the Czech Medical Society J. E. Purkyně for Merit in Biomechanics and its Application in Convective Tissues
  • 2014: František Križík Honorary Medal for Merit in Technical Sciences and for Implementation of Results of Scientific Research

Selected publications

Author or co-author of more than 15 research reports, more than 135 papers published in various journals or conference proceedings.


  • František Maršík: Wave propagation and nonlinear phenomena in dissipative systems (in Czech), Vysoká škola báňská-Technická Universita Ostrava, 2014, ISBN 978-80-248-3668-3
  • František Maršík, Ivan Dvořák: Biotermodynamika, Academia Praha, 1998, (in Czech)
  • František Maršík: Termodynamika kontinua,  Academia Praha, 1999, (in Czech)

Selected papers (2010 – present)

Selected papers (before 2010)

  • Klika V., Maršík F.:  Coupling Effect between Mechanical Loading and Chemical Reactions, J. Phys. Chem. B, 113, 14689-14697, 2009.
  • Maršík F. et al.: Remodelling of living bone induced by dynamic loading and drug delivery—Numerical modelling and clinical treatment, Math. Comput. Simul., doi:10.1016/j.matcom.2009.02.014, 2009.
  • Němec T., Maršík F., Mičan O.: The characteristic thickness of polymer electrolyte membrane and the efficiency of fuel cell, Heat Transfer Eng., 30(7), 2009.
  • Maršík F. et al.: Binary Homogeneous Nucleation in Selected Aqueous Vapor Mixtures, J. Sol. Chem., doi:10.1007/s10953-008-9337-4, 2008.
  • Němec T., Maršík F., Palmer D. A.: Binary nucleation of water and sodium chloride, J. Chem. Phys. 124, 044509, 2006.
  • Maršík F., Mařík I., Klika V.: Chemistry of bone remodelling processes, Locomotor System 12 (1+2), 51-61, 2005.
  • Maršík F., Převorovská S., Brož Z., Štembera V.: Numerical model of the human cardiovascular system - Korotkoff sound simulation, Cardiovascular Engineering: An International Journal 4 (2), 194-199, 2004.
  • Delale C.F., Hrubý J., Maršík F.: Homogeneous Bubble Nucleation in Liquids: The Classical Theory Revised, J. Chem. Phys. 118 (2), 792-806, 2003.
  • Maršík F., Mejsnar J.: The Balance of Entropy Underlying Muscle Performance, J. Noneq. Thermodynamics, 19, 197-216, 1994.


  • Supervisor of more than 30 doctoral theses
  • Supervisor of 24 PhD theses
  • Continuum Thermodynamics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (1999 – 2013)
  • Biothermodynamics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University (1999 – 2017), at present at Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical engineering

Some presented lectures


2013–2016TA03030978Research, development and design of hydraulic damper without idle periods
2009–2012GA106/09/1573Nickel-titanum alloys, shape memory, phase transformation, properties, biocompatibility
2008–2011GA106/08/0557Material properties of veins and their remodelling
2006–20111M06031Materials and components for environment protection
2005–2007GA101/05/2536Non-equilibrium steam flow
2005–2007GA101/05/2537Stability of shear flow with strong temperature and density gradients
2005–20061P05ME726Investigation of two-phase flow and pollutant emission control
2004–20071P04LA214International collaboration on research of properties of water and water mixtures-IAPWS
2003–2005GA106/03/1073Application of shape memory alloys for blood vessel replacements
2003–2005GA106/03/0958Application of tissue biofluidics in the innovation of biomaterials
2003–2004ME 710Condensation kinetics in flowing steam and steam mixtures and multiple flow in CFB boilers
2002–2004GA101/02/0364Steam flow with gas and solid particle admixtures
2000–2004IBS2076003Suppression of onset and effects of cavitation in hydrodynamic mechines