Ing. Jan Lepičovský, DrSc.

Department:  Department D 1 - Fluid Dynamics
Phone: (+420) 266053132
Room:  M2509
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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2016 - present Research Scientist, Institute of Thermomechanics of the CAS, Prague, CR
2012 - 2015 Independent consultant, Aero Lab Test, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.
1999 Dr.Sc, Czech Technical University Prague (CR), Mixing enhancement of free jet flows
1989 - 2012 Manager Experimental Fluid Dynamics Group, NASA Glenn RC, Cleveland, OH, USA
1988 - 1989 Leader of heat transfer group, Textron Lycoming, Stratford, CT, USA
1981 Ph.D. Lockheed Inter. Res. Inst., Marietta (GA, USA), Exper. Techniq. in turbomachines
1980 - 1988 Lead investigator, Lockheed-Martin, Marietta, GA, USA
1968 - 1979 Head of the engine thermodynamic lab, Aeronautical Research and Test Institute, Prague, CR

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1990 - 1994 associate editor of the AIAA Journal
1997 - 2005 associate editor of the AIAA Journal for Propulsion and Power
1991 - 1995 active member of the AIAA Technical committee Aerodyn. Measur. Technology
1997 - 2001 active member of the AIAA Technical committee Ground Testing
2003 - 2007 foreign member of the scientific council of the FS CVUT

2009 Award as the Scientist of the year 2009 for NASA/ASRC.
2006 AIAA award for service on the Aerodynamic Meas. Technology Tech. Committee
2005 Exceptional performance and accomplishment NASA award
2004 AIAA recognition for service as an Assoc. Editor for the Journal for Prop. & Power
2003 Appointment Honorary Member of the Faculty Scientific Council CVUT
2002 Innovator of the Year NASA/NYMA award
1997 AIAA Outstanding paper award Join Propulsion Conference, Seattle, WA
1997 Lockheed Martin award for service on the Ground Test committee
1994 AIAA recognition for service as an Associate Editor for the AIAA Journal
1986 Lockheed-Georgis Scientist of the month award

Selected publications

Lepicovsky, J., (2015): Investigation of onset unsteady flow dynamics after sudden failure of high-pressure pipeline, report ALT-16
Lepicovsky, J., (2014): Setup verification of line-break device for failsafe high-pressure pipe-line protection, report ALT-15
Lepicovsky, J., (2013): Evaluation of instrumentation setup for small turbine test facility, report ALT-11
Lepicovsky, J., (2012): Analysis of valve loss measurement using low range pressure and velocity probes, report ALT-10
Lepicovsky, J., (2011): Engine inlet duct modification to avoid hot-gas ingestion, report ALT-07
Lepicovsky, J., (2010): Understanding complex flow pattern beneath a VTOL aircraft in ground proximity, report ALT-04
Lepicovsky, J., (2009): Control of flow separation using miniature fluidic devices, report ALT-02
Lepicovsky, J., (2008), Investigation of Flow Instabilities in the Inlet Ducts of DP-1C VTOL Aircraft NASA CR-215216
Lepicovsky, J., (2008), Effects of a Rotating Aerodynamic Probe on the Flow Field of a Compressor Rotor, NASA report CR-215215
Lepicovsky, J., (2008), Investigation of Flow Separation in a Transonic-Fan Linear Cascade Using Visualization Methods, Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 44, pp. 939-949. IF: 1,907, WoS citations: 1
Lepicovsky, J., Braunscheidel, E.P., Welch, G.E., (2007), Experimental Investigation of Rotating Stall in a Research Multistage Axial Compressor, Paper ISABE IS-1263
Lepicovsky, J., Braunscheidel, E.P., (2006), Measurement of Flow Pattern Within a Rotating Stall Cell in an Axial Compressor, Paper ASME GT-2006-91209


2020–2022GA20-11537SExperimental research on flutter excitation function in turbomachinery
2019–2022LTAUSA19036Advanced experimental research on synchronous and non-synchronous blade vibration