Current measures related to the coronavirus epidemic

Last updated: June 8, 2020

The Institute will be reopening for normal operation with standard working hours on June 1, 2020. The employees are required to strictly follow the government measures at The following special measures apply in all Institute premises:

  • regular disinfect your hands (disinfectant dispensers are installed in the main building),
  • use of face masks in the Institute is optional from 9. 6. 2020,
  • in case of a positive test for COVID-19, the immediately inform your supervisor and the Vice Director for Financial Affairs and Operations,
  • avoid gathering of larger groups of people and travelling by public transport, if possible,
  • check in/out in the department attendance book,
  • no foreign or domestic business trips are allowed; exceptions can be granted only by the director,
  • when returning from vacation or a business trip abroad contact your supervisor for further instructions,
  • follow the current measures for the COVID-19 pandemic in the Institute at,
  • all employees must consult their future working regime with their supervisor,
  • in well-substantiated cases (senior employees, employees with serious health problems, etc.) the director may, based on the recommendation of the supervisor, allow working from home.

Arrangements for stays in the Mariánská recreation and training center

The director of the Institute of Thermomechanics also announces the following measures regulating the operation of the recreation and training center in Mariánská:

  • Only healthy people without symptoms of Covid-19 are allowed in the center.
  • For the purpose of future person tracking a complete list of vacationers must be provided prior to the stay.
  • When booking, only members of a family or a closed company can book a stay together in one apartment unit.
  • After every two stays one day is reserved as a sanitary day. The sanitary day is used to clean and disinfect the center, replenish beddings and cleaning agents and perform maintenance. The sanitary days are preliminarily marked in the booking calendar. The vacationers must take them into account when confirming their booking.
  • Dogs will not be allowed in this summer season.
  • The sauna is closed.