Current measures related to the coronavirus epidemic

Last updated: December 3, 2020

The employees are required to strictly follow the government measures at The following special measures apply in all Institute premises:

  • The heads of departments will coordinate working from home for the employees in maximum possible cases (effective from 29. 10 2020 until further notice),
  • the opening hours of the Institute are from 6:00 to 22:00 including weekends (effective from 3. 12. 2020 until further notice),
  • use of face masks in the Institute is mandatory (as of 10. 9. 2020),
  • regular disinfect your hands, especially when entering the Institute¬†(disinfectant dispensers are installed in the main building),
  • in case of a positive test for COVID-19, immediately inform your supervisor and the Vice Director for Financial Affairs and Operations,
  • no foreign or domestic business trips are allowed; exceptions can be granted only by the director,
  • when returning from abroad, contact your supervisor for further instructions,
  • after returning from vacation spent abroad, it is necessary to follow with vacation or sick leave in the Czech Republic for at least one week (effective from 21. 9. 2020),
  • check in/out in the department attendance book.

Arrangements for stays in the Mari√°nsk√° recreation and training center

The director of the Institute of Thermomechanics also announces the following measures regulating the operation of the recreation and training center in Mari√°nsk√°:

  • All the stays at the recreation and training center in Mari√°nsk√° have been cancelled from 13. October 2020 until further notice.