Ing. Václav Vinš, Ph.D.

Position:  zástupce ředitele pro vědu a výzkum
Department:  Department D 2 - Thermodynamics
Phone: (+420) 266053322
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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WoS Researcher ID: B-7071-2013

2010: Ph.D. at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU in Prague, program: Mathematical and Physical Engineering
2005: Ing. at CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Applied Mechanics

Working experience
2019 till now: Vice Director for R&D at the Institute of Thermomechanics of the CAS (IT CAS)
2017 – 2018: specialist in Technical development at Škoda Auto a.s., Development of engine cooling
2013 – 2014: external researcher at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
2008 till now: researcher at IT CAS
2006 – 2008: part time job at IT CAS
2001 – 2005: assistant in research at the Department of physics at CTU in Prague

Stays abroad
2022 till now: Mercator Fellow on DFG project no. 496428688, Germany (approx. 1 month/year)
2011: Young Scientist IAPWS Project - Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (6 months)
2005 – 2009: cooperation with PH department at CERN laboratory, Switzerland (approx. 1 month/year)
2005: Technical Student Program at CERN – TS department (10 months)
2003: Summer Student Program at CERN – PH department (2 months)
2002: study at the Lund Institute of Technology (Sweden) organized by Erasmus/Socrates program (5 months)

2019: IAPWS Helmholtz Award

Scientific community membership
IAPWS - working groups for Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam and Physical Chemistry of Aqueous Systems
EERA JP CCS - representative of IT CAS in European Energy Research Alliance – Joint Program on Carbon Capture and Storage
CO2CZ - representative of IT CAS in CO2 Czech Solution Group, z.s.


2024–202724-10191KProperties of alternative engineering fluids based on hydrofluoroethers and their blends
2022–2024GA22-03380SAqueous mixtures with salts under extreme conditions - accurate experiments and molecular simulations and modeling
2022–2024CK03000028Research and development of a hydrogen bus
2019–2021GA19-05696SProperties of water-based heat transfer fluids under extreme conditions
2015–2017GA15-07129YSurface tension of water and aqueos mixtures at equilibrium and metastable states
2011–2013GPP101/11/P046Sufrace properties of metastable fluids for technical applications - theoretical and experimental study