Department D 6 - Electrical Engineering and Electrophysics

Head:   Ing. Jiří Šonský, Ph.D.
Deputy head:   Ing. Jan Gruber, Ph.D.
Secretariat:   Jana Kolenčíková

Thumbnail video D6The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrophysics is to improve electromechanical energy conversions, model and control electric drives, electric motors and generators, diagnose power and control circuit structures for solid-state power converters and study the interaction of electronic power converters with electric machines and the power grid. We are also interested in the dynamics of electric arcs and thermal plasma, for which we develop industrially relevant applications.




Xavier Clayton Arnoult,
Marek Bedř
Ing. Martin Bejvl,
Jindřich Bouš
Ing. Robert Cimrman,
Ing. Michal Duška,
Ing. Radim Dvořá
Dr. Meenakshi Seshadhri
Ing. Jan Gruber,
Ing. Jiří
Ing. Petr Kokeš
Jana Kolenčíková
doc. Ing. Radek Kolman,
Josef Konečný
Bc. Vojtěch
Bc. Jaromír
Jakub Malí
Martin Marší
Ing. Ladislav Musil,
Ing. Tomáš Němec,
Ing. Radko Semerá
Mgr. Dmytro Shapko,
Ing. Luděk Schreier,
Jiří Šafář
Ing. Petr Šimek,
Ing. Jiří Šonský,
Petr Š
prof. Ing. Viktor Valouch,