Ing. Zuzana Antošová, Ph.D.

Position:  Deputy head of department
Department:  Department D 2 - Thermodynamics
Phone: (+420) 266053158, 266053353, 266053483
Location:  Main Building, Dolejškova 1402/5, Praha
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WoS Researcher ID: G-6417-2014

since 2009 Institute of Thermomechanics, dep. D2 Thermodynamics

2010 Bc., CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
2012 Ing., CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
2018 Ph.D., CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Stays abroad
July 2014 and May 2015: National Taiwan University, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Taiwan R.O.C. (2 months)
February - April 2016: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Dep. Mechanical Engineering, the Netherlands (3 months)
October 2018 - March 2019: University of Manchester, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE), United Kingdom (6 months)

Selected publications

Z. Antošová, Z. Trávníček, Stagnation Point Heat Transfer to an Axisymmetric Impinging Jet at Transition to Turbulence.
J. Heat Transf.-Trans. ASME 145 (2023).

Z. Antošová, Z. Trávníček, Control of a Round Jet Intermittency and Transition to Turbulence by Means of an Annular Synthetic Jet.
Actuators 10 (2021).

Z. Trávníček, Z. Antošová, Impingement heat transfer to the synthetic jet issuing from a nozzle with an oscillating cross section.
Int. J. Therm. Sci. 153 (2020).

Z. Broučková, Z. Trávníček, T. Vít, Synthetic and Continuous Jets Impinging on a Circular Cylinder.
Heat Transf. Eng. 40 (2019).

Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, A Synthetic Jet Issuing from a Bio-Inspired Actuator with an Oscillating Nozzle Lip.
J. Fluids Eng.-Trans. ASME 140 (2018) 101104.

Z. Broučková, P. Šafařík, Z. Trávníček, A parameter map of synthetic jet regimes based on the Reynolds and Stokes numbers: commentary on the article by Rimasauskiene et al.
Mech. Syst. Signal Proc. 68-69 (2016) 620-623.

Z. Broučková, Z. Trávníček, Visualization study of hybrid synthetic jets.
J. Vis. 18 (2015) 581-593.

Z. Broučková, S.-S. Hsu, A.-B. Wang, Z. Trávníček, Water synthetic jet driven by a piezoelectric actuator – LIF and PIV experiments.
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Z. Trávníček, Z. Broučková, J. Kordík, Formation criterion for synthetic jets at high Stokes numbers.
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