Vision and Mission

Basic information

The Institute of Thermomechanics is a scientific and research institution of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Research Area of Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences > Section of Applied Physics). The Institute conducts interdisciplinary basic research in the following areas: fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, dynamics of mechanical systems, solid mechanics, interactions of fluids and solids, environmental aerodynamics, biomechanics, mechatronics, electrophysics, electrical machines, drives and electronics and material diagnostics.

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Editorial activity

The Institute is the editor and publisher of the scientific journal Acta Technica. In addition, the Institute publishes conference proceedings and books on various occasions.


The Institute was established in 1953 as the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (CAS). In 1955, it was renamed as the Institute for Mechanical Engineering (also Mechanical Research Institute) and in 1962 as the Institute of Thermomechanics CAS. In 1964, the Aerodynamic laboratory in Nový Knín (30 km from Prague) was established. Since 1986, the main building of the Institute is located in the campus of the Academy of Sciences in Prague 8. In 2006, the Institute merged with the Institute of Electrical Engineering, which was also established in 1953.


Conferences and Lectures

The Institute organizes national and international conferences and seminars and offers lectures by visiting foreign and Czech scientists.


The Institute collaborates with a number of renowned foreign universities and research centres and domestic industrial partners. The Institute and its employees are members of major international societies, associations and communities.

Scientific societies

The Institute is the seat of the following societies or their national committees:

Czech Society for Mechanics
Czech Society for the Properties of Water and Steam
Czech Pilot Centre of ERCOFTAC
Czech National Committee of IFToMM